Activities for Children

Internal classes

You can run lessons in your own academy, teaching how to make 3D ArtWorks, interior props, seasonal props, accessories, etc. Or give regular classes to long term pupils. Read More

You can teach to all ages from children to adults. You can give parties for any kind of celebration, combining JumpingClay with a game, and choose a theme depending on the situation.
You can also train future JumpingClay professional to work with you!

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External Classes

You can also offer JumpingClay workshops to educational facilities of all levels.
• Schools - extracurricular activities, or work toguether the teacher in a Read More

• University - you can suggest a lecture for colleges connected to art education for children.
• Cultural centers and museums - can teach any topic with JumpingClay adapted activities.
• Special care centers (rehabilitation centers, medical centers, hospitals) - with the therapy program to help and encourage those individuals who to gain confidence and improve their mental alertness.

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Regular Programs

Playing with JumpingClay: Basic program for preschoolers. Learn the basic color mixing and simple shapes. Focused on creativity.
• Children's Program: Structured so Read More

that children can learn while having fun creating. Naturally gain the skills to create works and at the same time understand the characteristics of JumpingClay.
• Learning with JumpingClay: This program allows for students to learn educational material and principles while creating formative arts with JumpingClay. Divided into two levels, Pre-school and Primary. Hide this content 

Special Program

Based on a series of figures gradually challenging, focused on giving the necessary skills to our franchisees to deliver workshops to a wide audience: • Party Program: A JumpingClay Read More

program that incorporates both games and creating opportunities that can be added to any party. • Magic Program: Make magic props with JumpingClay. A great attention grabber to kick off any event or lesson. Fun for all ages, young and old. Children can make the props and perform magic tricks for all to see. • Jumping Cake & Muffins: With JumpingClay Cakes & Muffins program you can reminisce all of the good times and anniversaries that you have had. Using tools and molds, the program is easy to learn. Hide this content 

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